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How can I place an order? Do you take consignments yourself or should I bring them to you?

You could place an order in 2 ways:

  • by phone;
  • by filling a special form on our web-site (An application is admitted after confirming call of a manager).

After that, our courier comes at the specified address in specified time and take your consignment. Please, don not forget to leave your contact information, company name, name of a contact person, entrance door intercom code, etc. Calling of courier is for free.


How could I receive a confirmation about delivery of my consignment? And how much does it cost?

You can receive the information about delivery in the following ways:

  • enter a number of your invoice (you receive its copy, when a courier take your consignment) on our web-site in the "Tracking" system or in your Personal cabinet and receive the information about your order;
  • call your personal manager;
  • notice during placing an order that you need a confirmation about delivery in an invoice with a receipt signature. A courier give you this invoice, when it is in our office.


I have not found in your price list the city, where I want to send a letter. Could you deliver it? Anв how much does it cost?

You could make an inquiry by e-mail or by calling +7 (495) 921-41-39, we call you asap and answer any questions.


What does volume weight mean? And how can I calculate it?

Delivery cost is calculated by volume weight at the time of shipment of light, but large-size (volume) consignments. Volume weight is calculated on the basis of weight (250 kg in 1 m3). You get results in kg and look this weight in the price list.


Does my consignment cost include insurance?

You could insure your consignment if desired. A sum insured is charged according to consignment declared value additionally. If you would like to insure your consignment, please, also fill and send us insurance application, when you place an order. Deliveries with declared value are liable to compulsory insurance. Please, contact our specialists for detailed information by phone: +7 (495) 921-41-39


Where do you deliver consignments? What do terms depend on?

Consignments are delivered in any Russian regions. Terms depend on the distance of a city and type of delivery (express and non-express).

Please, contact our specialists for detailed information about terms and cities served by phone: +7 (495) 921-41-39 or on our web-site in the section "Services".


Could a courier take consignments by cash?

Our couriers could take consignments by cash. In this case, you should mention in an application, that you pay by cash.


Do you receive cargos 'Till called for'?

You can use our service of responsible storage in our warehouses, equipped with fire and burglar alarm.


How do you take consignments? Do you pack them?

We take packed, as well as unpacked consignments. We offer different packing:

  • paper envelopes: euro size A4;
  • cardboard envelopes: 340 mm х 265 mm;
  • secure packs (numbered and polymeric packet with a protective flap, it protects from unauthorized access to enclosure, as well as from moisture and dust): 510 mm х 400 mm;
  • tubes;
  • corrugated boxes of different sizes: 355 х 240 х 125, 380 х 228 х 287, 600 х 400 х 400;
  • polypropylene bags: 70 х 120, 100 х 150;
  • air bubble film;
  • wood furring.

All consignments are pasted with company tapes "Zest-Express" and sealed on demand. Fragile consignments are wrapped with air bubble film.


Could you send a consignment cheaper, but in long terms?

You could send consignments in 2 ways: non-express and express. That"s why, you can always choose the most convenient for you. You can also combine ways of delivery. Let us suppose, that you send a consignment to the city A with express delivery, and to the city B - with non-express delivery. Please, contact our specialists for detailed information by phone: +7 (495) 921-41-39 or on our web-site in the section "Regional network".


What do you do with consignments, if a recipient is out of place?

Consignments are delivered in working hours. If we cannot deliver them from the first time by reason of recipient absence, we try to deliver again. If we cannot deliver by reason of a wrong address, our courier contacts you for specifying the correct address of a recipient, a contact person and coordinating the further actions.


Do you work with private individuals?

We cooperate with legal, as well as individual persons. We also work with letters of guaranty.