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In 1996 we started OUR COMPANY as a small express service, but it promptly developed. Today ZEST-EXPRESS is one of the market leaders in providing express delivery services and logistics and a cargo transportation in the Russian Federation. Our company is a team of highly skilled professionals all over the country. We have our own modern motor vehicle fleet, our warehouses are equipped at a state-of-the-art level: with modern systems of video surveillance and the fire-prevention alarm system, with their own security service; all their areas are equipped with racks, electric lift trucks, as well.

 In 2008 the crisis we faced caused some difficulties for ZEST-EXPRESS, but it became a challenge for our company! That year the general decline in providing express delivery services and logistics on the market due to different estimates made about 30%, that caused a withdrawal of a number of the strongest market leaders in this field including worldwide known companies. ZEST-EXPRESS overcame the time not only without decreasing volumes of shipments, but, on the contrary, with increasing them up to 16,5% in comparison with the pre-crisis period. It was mostly the business strategy that ZEST-EXPRESS used. The strategy was aimed at developing the company using its own funds without attracting loans and credits.  ZEST-EXPRESS  is one of the few express delivery services and logistics companies with its own totally Russian capital.

The market of express delivery services and logistics is huge, there are presented both big, and small companies. But the keyword here is "market", for market conditions are so good that allow to survive to the strongest, stable market leaders providing a widest range of high-quality services. Thus, the fact that  ZEST-EXPRESS being presented on the market of express delivery services and logistics already 17 years and our clients are widely presented in various spheres of business not only in our country, but worldwide, allows to conclude that we are some of the best.

 In 2004 our hard work brought us impressive results and we were awarded a diploma "For a contribution to formation of the civilized consumer market of Russia".

In March 2008 ZEST-EXRESS became the general sponsor of the Russian Award in the field of beauty and health "Gratsiya". ZEST-EXRESS acted as a technical partner of the VI All-Russian energy forum "Fuel and energy complex of Russia in the XXI century".  ZEST-EXPRESS was the first and only operator of the express delivery services and logistics who became the member of Association of the Russian Banks.

In 2009 the founder of our company got an award in the nomination called "For a Contribution to Development of the Market of Express Delivery Services and Logistics".

We can say that all this is a result of harmonious, professional work of all the company as a whole, and each its employee - in particular.


In 2011 ZEST-EXPRESS was actively involved in the work of different exhibitions, for example, at PostExpo held in Stuttgart (Germany). Also , that year ZEST-EXPRESS got an award "Company of the Year - 2011" in the nomination called "Dynamics and Efficiency". Kartoshkin G. A., the chairman of the board of directors, was handed over the diploma and memorable sign of an award "Company of the Year".

In 2012-2013 the idea of the slogan "Delivery as Art" was implemented. That, undoubtedly, once again confirms that ZEST-EXSPRESS is the company which has achieved perfection in providing express delivery services and logistics, has got an individual approach to each client and to the full range of high-quality services in the field. Certainly, the most important indicator of our success are our clients: these are large insurance companies, the international financial institutions, retails, automobile concerns, etc. which chose ZEST-EXSPRESS as the reliable partner in the field of express delivery services and logistics.


ZEST-EXPRESS doesn't rest on its laurels. There are new unsubdued tops ahead!