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Courier service ZEST-EXPRESS delievery covers every single of the 300 cities in the Central Federal District. The full lenght of the roads is paved - 17,291 km. Post established acts, which contributes to an optimal delievery timing of the correspondence, parcels and freight. ZEST-EXPRESS operates all over the central region


Zest-Express operates all over the north-western administrative district, which is composed by 152 cities and has an area of 1,686,968 km2. Delievery is carried out in every single region of the north-western russian federation district:


ZEST-EXPRESS company is able to deliever mail and parcels to any of the 79 cities inside the 6 regions that compose the southern federal district of Russia:

Volga region

Delivery of mail and cargo around the Volga region:

Ural region

Regional Network "Zest-Express" covers the entire territory of the Russian Federation, including the whole Ural region to the following areas and their administrative centers:


ZEST-EXPRESS develops an individual approach to each client. A wide coverage of the entire territory of Siberia:

Far Eastern

Delivery of cargo and mail carried throughout the Far East region: