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Warehouse logistics consists of:

  • responsible storage;
  • receipt and delivery of cargos;
  • administrative order processing (receipt and processing of incoming documents, status checkup of documents, checkup of package integrity, execution of acceptance documents and reports as requested by clients, execution of shipping and transport documents);
  • cargo storage in our warehouses, equipped with fire and burglar alarm;
  • cargo inventory;
  • loading and unloading operations (loaders, stacks, palette jacks, etc.);
  • selection, sorting and packaging arrangement;
  • rejection with package opening;
  • cargo consolidation before sending (cargo collecting from different deliveries before sending in one destination);
  • cargo marking and labeling;
  • additional packing (air bubble film, tubes, etc.);
  • opportunity of transit cargo storing (with shipping from Moscow as well as Russian regions and the following delivery within Moscow).