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Logistic outsourcing


The ZEST-EXPRESS company provides courier outsourcing service. According to the preliminary application ZEST-EXPRESS sends to customer’s office the courier which carries delivery of a Customer’s office correspondence; delivery of documents to the organizations with long time of expectation, i.e. delivery of

          Couriers are provided with the uniform, necessary expendables (consignment notes, A4 envelopes, cardboard envelopes of A4, packages with protection against unauthorized access and with opening indication), mobile communication, the ticket across Moscow.

The customer independently, without participation of the Performer gives to the couriers of a task directed to its address on delivery of office correspondence and supervises their performance.

Making an application through the personal manager, the Customer, specifies necessary number of couriers for delivery of office correspondence.

Delivery of mailings is made by couriers of the Performer on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 18 p.m. on behalf of the Performer, but at the expense of the Customer. You can learn the cost of outsourcing services by phone (495) 921 41 39 from a manager. The customer can use courier outsourcing service, both monthly, and by number of actually necessary days (daily). In case of the daily order of the courier for outsourcing, payment is made by number of actually fulfilled days in a month.


Outsourcing advantages


  • - direct costs reduction of the enterprise on account of decreasing a number of employees in the staff list;
  • - considerable reduction of the legal complications connected with risk on compensation payment in case of dismissal of employees;
  •  - decrease of administrative and cost loading at saving of employees direct management;
  • - possibility to check all new employees on professional and corporate competence;

Personnel outsourcing - the effective tool in human resource management and optimization of expenses.


Outsourcing of Logistics Specialist.




  • - receiving, processing and distributing correspondence arriving on delivery and freights;
  • - providing delivery reporting (frequency is defined by the Customer);
  • - recordkeeping by entering information on all transfer of correspondence and freights into the express program;
  • - monitoring delivery time compliance, solving arising problems in the course of delivery, rapid response;
  • - optimizing and coordinating actions of all participants within the process of delivery at all its stages;
  • - carrying out control over activity at various divisions of the company provider;
  • - coordinating warehouses’ work on completing sets of departures and freights, the accounting of the remains of production;
  • - quarterly recording statistics on dispatches according to the format offered by the Customer;
  • - carrying out control over providing couriers with all expendables (consignment notes, packing);
  • - monthly/quarterly reporting on established service KPI (key indicators of efficiency) according to the format offered by the Customer;
  • - optimizing delivery cost depending on its periods, decreasing expenses of the Customer;
  • - providing expeditious processing of requests on preliminary cost calculating of dispatch for a customer during the time offered by Customer;
  • - insurance, customs registration, if necessary;
  • - rendering the register to accounts to a Customer, with the full list of the dispatches included in the order, and cost of services until invoicing.



  • - increase of customer’s stuff good time;
  • - reduction of expenses for dispatches by means of consolidation of dispatches;
  • - unified base of dispatches/sendings (the summary reporting) of a company;
  • - exact control over a condition of dispatches and over their receiving.


Courier outsourcing  


This service includes a full list of services provided by courier. You can take advantage of operational and quality courier services, both monthly and daily, with pay by the number of days actually worked in the month.

Courier outsourcing is necessary if you have no time to submit reports to state institutions (tax inspection, a pension fund and others). The courier delivers documentation to your customers, will sign important packages of documents at the notary, will receive or will send correspondence or parcels in the post office or in a transport company on your behalf.

After fulfilling the work the skilled and professional courier will submit the report to the Customer confirming that delivery of correspondence is done qualitatively and on time.

 You can independently, without performing company’s  participation to give the directed to your address courier a task on delivery of office correspondence and to control their performance. 

All the couriers of the ZEST-EXPRESS company are provided with the uniform, necessary expendables (consignment notes, A4 envelopes, cardboard envelopes of A4, packages with protection against unauthorized access and with opening indication), mobile communication.

        Such service has a set of indisputable advantages as the customer pays only working hours of the courier. To use courier outsourcing services for a certain time for performance of instructions is much more beneficial for someone, than to have a courier in the staff of the company whose services the company needs not every day, but as required.