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Flight Connection With Moscow Was Broken Because of Rough Weather


More than 30 flights were deferred in metropolitan airports Domodedovo, Sheremetievo and Vnukovo. The breach of the flight connection with Moscow was caused by heavy snow and rain showers descended on the city. The rough weather affected also the situation in the city itself. On the night of Saturday to Sunday, the snow came down in a layer 6 centimeters thick. Towards the morning in the city the rain started off, which resulted in huge puddles consisted of non-melted snow plugged up gutter currents. Now the situation redoubles because of activities of public utilities workmen, who dig and throw the snow from sidewalks onto traffic way. As for the nearest weekend, a fall is possible to be more than one fourth of monthly norm of precipitation. The wind will get up to 13-18 m/s. Sleet and rain are expected also in Moscow region.

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